Lingwei Chen, Ph.D.

  Assistant Professor
  Russ 338
       Department of CSE
       Wright State University
       Dayton, OH

I am currently a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Wright State University. Prior to that, I worked as a Postdoctoral Scholar in the College of Information Sciences and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University. I received my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from West Virginia University, and my master's degree in Computer Science from Beijing Normal University.

My research interests are machine learning and security, with emphases in:

  • Trustworthy machine learning: adversarial machine learning, secure machine learning, adversary for social good, adversarial reprogramming, other trustworthy machine learning issues
  • Security and privacy: malware detection, software security, program analysis, attribute privacy, inference attacks, other security and privacy issues
  • Others: few-shot learning, graph neural networks, natural language processing, representation learning, other machine learning technologies
  • For my publications and bibliometrics, please refer to Publications and Google Scholar.

    Openings: I am looking for self-motivated Ph.D. students to work with me on various cool projects in machine learning and security. Please drop me an email with your CV if interested.

    Recent News

  • NEW
    [Apr 2022] A paper about code summarization was accepted to IJCNN 2022.
  • NEW
    [Apr 2022] A paper about smart contract similarity detection was accepted to SEKE 2022.
  • NEW
    [Mar 2022] A paper about few-shot attribute inference was accepted to SIGIR 2022.
  • [Dec 2021] A paper about adversarially reprogramming pretrained neural networks for malware detection was accepted to SDM 2022.
  • [Nov 2021] A paper about compiler fuzzing was accepted to IAAI 2022.
  • [Aug 2021] A paper about fraud detection was accepted to CIKM 2021.
  • [Aug 2021] Joined the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Wright State University as an assistant professor.
  • [Apr 2021] A paper about defense against adversarial attacks was accepted to IJCNN 2021.
  • [Dec 2020] A paper about turning adversarial attacks into social media privacy protection was accepted to SDM 2021.
  • [Jul 2020] A paper "Plagiarism Detection of Multi-threaded Programs using Frequent Behavioral Pattern Mining" received SEKE 2020 Best Paper Award.
  • [Jun 2020] A paper about enhancing robustness of graph convolutional networks was accepted to ECML-PKDD 2020.
  • [May 2020] I accepted the invitation to join the program committee of ICDM 2020.
  • [Apr 2020] Two papers about multi-threaded program plagiarism detection and compiler identification respectively were accepted to SEKE 2020.
  • [Mar 2020] Our proposed project "Turning Attacks into Protection: Social Media Privacy Protection Using Adversarial Attacks" was funded by Seed Grant Award from Center for Security Research and Education (CSRE) at the Pennsylvania State University in an amount of $30,197.
  • [Mar 2020] I was invited to serve as program committee for ECML-PKDD 2020.
  • [Dec 2019] I was invited to serve as program committee for IJCAI 2020.