Lingwei Chen, Ph.D.

  Assistant Professor
  Russ 338
       Department of CSE
       Wright State University
       Dayton, OH

I am currently a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Wright State University. Prior to that, I worked as a Postdoctoral Scholar in the College of Information Sciences and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University.

My research interests are machine learning and security, with emphases in:

  • Trustworthy machine learning: adversarial machine learning, secure machine learning, adversary for social good, adversarial reprogramming, other trustworthy machine learning issues
  • Security and privacy: code summarization/retrieval, malware detection, software security, program analysis, attribute privacy, inference attacks, other security and privacy issues
  • Others: few-shot learning, graph neural networks, natural language processing, representation learning, data imbalance
  • For my publications and bibliometrics, please refer to Publications and Google Scholar.

    Openings: I am looking for self-motivated Ph.D. students to work with me on various cool projects in machine learning and security. Please drop me an email with your CV if interested.

    Recent News

  • NEW
    [Jul 2022] Our propoed project "Artificial-Intelligence-Driven Binary-to-Source-Code Function Search" was funded by Transportation Research Center Inc., NHTSA in an amount of $123,536.
  • NEW
    [Jun 2022] A paper about adversarial attack on GNN was accepted to SecureComm 2022.
  • NEW
    [Jun 2022] A paper about reinforcement compiler fuzzing was accepted to ICICS 2022.
  • [May 2022] Selected as DARPA Riser for DARPA Forward Conference.
  • [Apr 2022] A paper about code summarization was accepted to IJCNN 2022.
  • [Apr 2022] A paper about smart contract similarity detection was accepted to SEKE 2022.
  • [Mar 2022] A paper about few-shot attribute inference was accepted to SIGIR 2022.
  • [Dec 2021] A paper about adversarially reprogramming pretrained neural networks for malware detection was accepted to SDM 2022.
  • [Nov 2021] A paper about compiler fuzzing was accepted to IAAI 2022.
  • [Aug 2021] A paper about fraud detection was accepted to CIKM 2021.
  • [Aug 2021] Joined the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Wright State University as an assistant professor.
  • [Apr 2021] A paper about defense against adversarial attacks was accepted to IJCNN 2021.
  • [Dec 2020] A paper about turning adversarial attacks into social media privacy protection was accepted to SDM 2021.
  • [Jul 2020] A paper "Plagiarism Detection of Multi-threaded Programs using Frequent Behavioral Pattern Mining" received SEKE 2020 Best Paper Award.
  • [Jun 2020] A paper about enhancing robustness of graph convolutional networks was accepted to ECML-PKDD 2020.
  • [May 2020] I accepted the invitation to join the program committee of ICDM 2020.
  • [Apr 2020] Two papers about multi-threaded program plagiarism detection and compiler identification respectively were accepted to SEKE 2020.
  • [Mar 2020] Our proposed project "Turning Attacks into Protection: Social Media Privacy Protection Using Adversarial Attacks" was funded by Seed Grant Award from Center for Security Research and Education (CSRE) at the Pennsylvania State University in an amount of $30,197.
  • [Mar 2020] I was invited to serve as program committee for ECML-PKDD 2020.
  • [Dec 2019] I was invited to serve as program committee for IJCAI 2020.